Four short links: 7 June 2012

Ubicomp Middleware, Big Dairy Data, Privacy, and Timelines

  1. Electric Imp — yet another group working on the necessary middleware for ubiquitous networked devices.
  2. How Big Data Transformed the Dairy Industry (The Atlantic) — cutting-edge genomics company Illumina has precisely one applied market: animal science. They make a chip that measures 50,000 markers on the cow genome for attributes that control the economically important functions of those animals.
  3. The Curious Case of Internet Privacy (Cory Doctorow) — I’m with Cory on the perniciousness of privacy-digesting deals between free sites and users, but I’m increasingly becoming convinced that privacy is built into business models and not technology.
  4. Chronoline (Github) — Javascript to make a horizontal timeline out of a list of events.
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