"Velocity Podcast" entries

A crazy awesome gaming infrastructure

Sarah Novotny on building high-performance gaming platforms.

How do you bridge the gap between IT and business while building a gaming infrastructure that scales? Sarah Novotny addresses that question in this Velocity podcast.

Which is easier to tune, humans or machines?

Kate Matsudaira on the human side of performance and operations.

In this Velocity podcast, Kate Matsudaira discusses the human side of performance and operations, including how to teach people to address time, cost, quality and scope.

Schlomo Schapiro on continuous delivery platforms

A look at the tech and time that goes into continuous delivery platforms.

Schlomo Schapiro talks about what it's like to develop a continuous delivery platform, including the tech stack and the organizational challenges.

John Allspaw on DevOps

How good DevOps keeps you shipping your product.

John Allspaw discusses DevOps in high-volume web companies and the importance of cooperation between development and operations.

Theo Schlossnagle on DevOps as a career

A day in the life of DevOps, and the skills you'll need to enter the field.

In this Velocity podcast, OmniTI CEO Theo Schlossnagle discusses the skills of DevOps professionals and knowing how you've achieved excellence in the field.

Jason Grigsby and Lyza Danger Gardner on mobile web design

Best practices and common mistakes in mobile web development.

In this Velocity podcast, the co-authors of "Head First Mobile Web" discuss mobile website optimization, mobile design considerations, and common mobile development mistakes.

Joshua Bixby on the business of performance

Why businesses should care about speed.

In this Velocity Podcast, Strangeloop's Joshua Bixby discusses the business of speed and why web performance optimization is an institutional need.

Steve Souders on Web Performance Optimization

Why "even faster" matters in the web performance and optimization world.

Steve Souders on the state of web performance, optimization and velocity.