Four short links: 1 September 2014

Sibyl, Bitrot, Estimation, and ssh

  1. Sibyl: Google’s System for Large Scale Machine Learning (YouTube) — keynote at DSN2014 acting as an intro to Sibyl. (via KD Nuggets)
  2. Bitrot from 1997That’s 205 failures, an actual link rot figure of 91%, not 57%. That leaves only 21 URLs as 200 OK and containing effectively the same content.
  3. What We Do And Don’t Know About Software Effort Estimation — nice rundown of research in the field.
  4. fabric — simple yet powerful ssh library for Python.
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  • Richard Pearce-Moses

    There is some irony in the fact that the link to the very interesting article on bitrot has no provenance other than “Vitorio”. The inability to track back to the original web source cited in footnotes has significant implications for scholarship. In this case, we can’t track back to the author or see the note in context.

    This note does a good job explaining the problem. (At the same time, my experience indicates that these reports are often high. If you do a search for the text itself, you will often find it — although at another location.)

    Richard Pearce-Moses